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Main Speakers:

David Leonard

President of the Boston Public Library

David Leonard, President of the Boston Public Library, leads the 170-year old institution, one of Boston’s great educational, cultural and civic treasures. David began working at the BPL in 2009, bringing a wealth of experience from the technology, management and consulting fields. Appointed president by the Library’s Board of Trustees and Mayor Martin J. Walsh…

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Karen Keninger

Director of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Karen Keninger has served as the Director of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress for the past five years. Prior to her appointment with the Library of congress, Keninger served as Director of the Iowa Department for the Blind and as Regional Librarian at the Iowa Library for…

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Speaker Brianna Schofield

Brianna Schofield

Executive Director, Authors Alliance

Brianna L. Schofield is the Executive Director of Authors Alliance, a nonprofit organization representing the interests of authors who want to take advantage of opportunities of the digital age to share their creations with readers, promote the ongoing progress of knowledge of knowledge, and advance the public good. She is the co-author of two Authors…

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Speaker Eric Miller

Eric Miller

Co-Founder & President, Zepheira

Eric Miller is co-founder and president of Zepheira which provides solutions to effectively integrate, navigate and manage information across boundaries of person, group and enterprise. Dr. Miller serves as an adviser to businesses and other organizations, and as speaker at conferences worldwide providing insights on the evolution of the Web. Until 2007, Eric led the…

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Speaker Mary Minow

Mary Minow

Fellow, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University

Mary Minow is a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. She is a former library law consultant, specializing in legal issues including the thorny issue of copyright and ebooks. She has an M.L.S. from University of Michigan and a J.D. from Stanford University.

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David Hansen

David Hansen works to help the Duke University community tackle the obstacles that copyright and other legal systems pose for achieving free, open distribution of information, including Duke library collections and scholarship, online. He hopes to come away from this conference with additional ideas and concrete plans for opening library collections through, e.g., the controlled…

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James English

Product Owner National Platforms at NYPL

James came to the New York Public Library in the summer of 2013 and serves as Product Owner – National Platforms. His primary duties are as product manager for SimplyE – an open source e-reading platform and IMLS grant-funded project which aims to simplify the experience of discovering, borrowing and reading an eBook from the…

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Martin R. Kalfatovic

Associate Director and Program Director at Smithsonian Libraries

Martin R. Kalfatovic is the Associate Director, Digital Programs and Initiatives at Smithsonian Libraries and Program Director of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. At Smithsonian Libraries, he is involved with scholarly communications, mass digitization, education and outreach, and product development and licensing. A regular contributor to popular and scholarly publications, he also writes on a variety…

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Speaker Mary Lou Jepson

Mary Lou Jepson

CEO & Founder, Openwater

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen is the founder of Openwater whose goal is a wearable with MRI-plus resolution that can enable telepathy as well as drastically transform diagnostic costs for healthcare. Previously she was an engineering executive at Facebook, Oculus, Google[x] and Intel. In addition Mary Lou has founded 4 startups including One Laptop per Child…

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Speaker Lisa Petrides

Lisa Petrides

Founder and CEO, Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME)

Lisa Petrides, PhD is founder and CEO of the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME), an independent, education nonprofit established in 2002, and a pioneer in knowledge sharing and innovation in the education sector. Petrides is a scholar and international open educational resources (OER) expert who has helped lead the development…

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Speaker Kyle Courtney

Kyle K. Coutrney

Copyright Advisor, Harvard University

Kyle K. Courtney, both lawyer and librarian, is the copyright advisor for Harvard University. Working out of the Office for Scholarly Communication, Courtney works to establish a culture of shared understanding of copyright law within the Harvard community and beyond. He also serves as copyright and information policy advisor for HarvardX/edX, and he continues to…

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Speaker Bethany Nowviskie

Bethany Nowviskie

Director, Digital Library Federation

Bethany Nowviskie is director of the Digital Library Federation (DLF) at the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR). She also serves as research associate professor of Digital Humanities in the Department of English at the University of Virginia (U.Va.). From 2007-2015, Nowviskie directed the Scholars’ Lab and Digital Research & Scholarship Department at the…

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Leah Prescott

Associate Law Librarian, Georgetown University Law Library

Leah Prescott is the Associate Law Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections at the Georgetown University Law Library, where she is responsible for the digital curation lifecycle, from the development of a production digitization program for all types of library media, providing access to digital materials in multiple repositories, to the implementation of a…

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Cherie Bush

Marketing Manager, FamilySearch

Cherie Bush has been with FamilySearch since 1994. She has been a marketing manager, a reference consultant in the Family History Library and trainer- including creating content and lesson plans. Currently she is a Deputy Chief Genealogical Officer with the assignment of library outreach. She has a degree in business with a minor in marketing….

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Hannah Scates Kettler

Hannah Scates Kettler

Digital Humanities Research & Librarian, University of Iowa

Hannah Scates Kettler is a digital humanities research & instruction librarian in the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio at the University of Iowa. She leads digital humanities projects from inception to preservation, managing the process of creation as well as providing research and development support. Her interests include issues raised by 3D creation and preservation,…

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Lila Bailey

Outside Policy Counsel, Internet Archive

Lila Bailey is Policy Counsel for the Internet Archive where she advises on the complex legal and policy issues associated with democratizing access to knowledge. She is also a lecturer at Berkeley Law, most recently teaching a course in the Fundamentals of Internet Law. Prior to becoming the Internet Archive’s in-house counsel, Bailey was the…

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Michelle Wu

Associate Dean for Library Services and Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Michelle Wu is the Associate Dean for Library Services and Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center.  She teaches and writes in the areas of copyright, licensing, and library administration. 

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Wendy Hanamura

Director of Partnerships, Internet Archive

Wendy Hanamura joined the Internet Archive in 2014 as the Director of Partnerships, where she builds strong strategic alliances around content, policy, and organizational support. Building on a career in journalism and non-profit media, Hanamura uses her storytelling skills to share the remarkable stories locked in the Internet Archive’s 20 petabytes of digital collections. Previously,…

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Jim Fruchterman

Founder & CEO, Benetech & Bookshare

Jim Fruchterman is a social entrepreneur who has adapted the Silicon Valley technology approach to empower communities in need by creating scalable software to support social good solutions for accessible education, global literacy, and human rights. As a Caltech-trained engineer and veteran Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, he was inspired to found Benetech when his venture…

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Brewster Kahle

Founder & Digital Librarian, Internet Archive

A passionate advocate for public Internet access and a successful entrepreneur, Brewster Kahle has spent his career intent on a singular focus: providing Universal Access to All Knowledge. He is the founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive, one of the largest libraries in the world. Soon after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of…

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Richard Caceres

Software Engineer, Internet Archive

Richard Caceres is an engineer at the Internet Archive on the books team, and works across a wide-range of projects. Recently he updated the Internet Archive’s open source book reader interface and made it mobile friendly. He is also the developer for the Internet Archive’s online book editing software, RePublisher. At the moment, he is…

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Brenton Cheng

Senior Engineer, Open Library, Internet Archive

Brenton Cheng spearheads the technical and product development of Open Library, a user-curated catalog of over 16 million books, as well as book presentation and services on Archive.org. He combines deep technical experience with decades of project leadership. Open Library’s mission is to provide “One web page for every book.” In addition to displaying complete…

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John C. Gonzalez

Director of Engineering, Internet Archive

John Gonzalez has been at Internet Archive for three years working to support, coach, and lead the technology and operation teams at the heart of Internet Archive service delivery. His role has allowed him to apply over 30 years of experience in business and technology management to the Internet Archive mission of Universal Access to…

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Mark Graham

Director, Wayback Machine

Mark Graham has created and managed innovative online products and services since 1984. Mark is currently Director of the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, responsible for capturing, preserving and helping people discover and use, more than 1 billion new web captures each week. Mark was mostly recently Senior Vice President with NBC News where…

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Mek Karpeles

Software Engineer, Internet Archive

Mek (@mekarpeles on github) is a software engineer, an out-of-necessity serial entrepreneur, a quantified self-er, and most-over a citizen of the world. In 2011 he left his Artificial Intelligence PhD program at the University of Delaware to co-found a e-commerce marketplace for digital works, which was acquired a year later by Hyperink. Mek went on…

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Jim Michalko

Advisor, Internet Archive

Jim Michalko became the Sr. Strategist for the Internet Archive’s Open Libraries after retiring from his position as VP, Research Libraries at Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) in March 2016. Known for his success coordinating large-scale, national, collaborative multi-stakeholder library projects, Michalko leads the outreach efforts for the Internet Archive’s ambitious project to digitize and…

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Lunch Hosts & Session Leaders:

Jacques Cressaty

Director of Finance, Internet Archive

A long time transplant from France, Jacques joined the Internet Archive in 2001. He brings financial and administrative expertise, as well as a highly developed sense of order, to his position. Jacques is a published and exhibited landscape photographer.

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Jefferson Bailey

Director, Web Archiving Programs, Internet Archive

Jefferson joined Internet Archive in Summer 2014. Prior to joining IA, he worked on strategic initiatives, digital preservation, archives, and digital collections at institutions such as Metropolitan New York Library Council, Library of Congress, Brooklyn Public Library, and Frick Art Reference Library and has worked in the archives at NARA, NASA, and Atlantic Records. He…

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Andrea Mills

Digitization Program Manager, Canada, Internet Archive

I am the Digitization Program Manager for Internet Archive Canada. I hope to help make new and exciting connections between our partners and supporters. Let’s think nationally and globally to build The Library of 2020 together!

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Alexis Rossi

Director of Media & Access, Internet Archive

Alexis has been working with the Internet Archive since our first service, the Wayback Machine, was launched in 2001. She currently manages all media and access for archive.org, including audio, movies, books, software, images, mass web crawls, the Wayback Machine and the archive.org web site. Her past Internet Archive projects include Open Library and the…

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