• Attendees

Adrian Sheppard University of Alberta Director, Copyright Office @adrshep I am interested in exploring how the balance inherent in copyright and the perceptions of the fairness of that balance are evolving as digital and digitized resources become the primary way materials are accessed and distributed.
Alexander Stinson Wikimedia Foundation GLAM-Wiki Strategist @Sadads Supporter of Global collaboration between GLAMS and Wikimedia projects. Principally interested in learning about Global initiatives to digitize and transcribe content, with the support of volunteer or Open Knowledge communities.
Amy Azzarito UC Davis Library Assistant Director of Online Strategy Amy Azzarito is the Assistant Director of Online Strategy at the University of California, Davis Library. She previous worked in the Office of Strategic Development at the New York Public Library, where she developed and implemented educational multimedia projects including websites, video, and blog content for the Library’s collections and exhibitions. She is working on a book, Domestic Bliss: The History of Luxury at Home in 100 Objects, to be published by National Geographic Press in Spring 2018.
Andrea Goethals Harvard Library Manager of Digital Preservation and Repository Ser @AndreaGoethals I manage Harvard Library’s digital preservation program and repository, and have been helping establish and grow Harvard’s web archiving program. I am looking forward to meeting others deeply involved in web archiving, including the IA staff. Coming out of the conference I hope to have a better understanding of emerging APIs and services, how we might leverage them at Harvard, and how we might contribute to community efforts.
Andrea Davis San Francisco Public Library Librarian @detailmatters As a librarian working in the information crossroads of current, future and historical journalism (Magazines and Newspapers), it is critical to keep abreast of digital preservation and information access trends.
Andrea Mitchell Substance Abuse Librarians & Information Specialists SALIS Exec. Dir For more than thirty years, I was the head librarian for an alcohol and other drug research center. Since 1996 I have been running a small non-profit international association of alcohol, tobacco and other drug librarians known as SALIS. Witnessing the relentless closing and downsizing of the addiction libraries since 2003, we have partnered with the Archive to create The SALIS Collection of the addiction literature. Having attended several of the Leaders Forums, I have found them inspirational, educational and thought provoking on many levels. I look forward to the same excellent programming this year, and meeting more of the people who are working with the Archive to Build Libraries Together.
Andrew Winget Stanford University Libraries Visualisation Engineer @DrewWinget I’m an engineer for the Stanford University Libraries, maintainer of the Mirador IIIF Image Viewer and IIIF advocate. I help scholars and students navigate and analyse our intellectual legacy through open source software.I hope that by the end of this conference, we will have described some slivers of a common vision for the user experience of libraries in 2020, particularly with regard to emerging immersive technologies, intelligent environments, global federated search, and the coherent visual expression of relationships between knowledge and materials.
Ben Vershbow Self-employed Library worker at large @subsublibrary I’ve been working for more than a decade at the intersection of libraries, publishing, arts, and the net. Formerly editorial director at the Institute for the Future of the Book. Most recently, just moved on after 8 years at the New York Public Library where I founded and ran NYPL Labs, a kind of all-in-one digital library program + skunkworks. Interested in networking and platforming libraries at Internet scale. Passionate about public engagement, UX, data liberation, digital preservation, and building inter-disciplinary teams.
Benjamin Walker University of Florida Associate Dean Digital Services & Shared Collection Ben Walker is the Associate Dean for Discovery, Digital Services and Shared Collections at the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida. He has held multiple positions since starting at the University of Florida in 2004. He has participated in various leadership programs, including to the Association of Research Libraries Research Library Leadership Fellows program. His goals for this program are to gain a better understanding of what is available through Internet Archive and to foster relationships with peers with similar interests, while also learning more about the vision for future libraries.
Bianca Crowley Biodiversity Heritage Library Digital Collections Manager I lead collection management activities for the Biodiversity Heritage Library through Smithsonian Libraries. In my role I address collection development, metadata, digitization workflow, training, and copyright issues while serving as a global consortium cheerleader. My current pursuit is to capture the elusive species known as “documentation” and understand better ways to support our increasing partnerships without cloning myself. I’m eager to learn more about IA’s partnership building and training best practices.
Brad Jung Permanent.org Partnerships and Marketing The mission of the Permanent Legacy Foundation is to provide a permanent place to keep one’s digital files such that they will be preserved for family, friends, and future generations. Permanent.org will store their digital legacy, the legacy of someone dear to them, or the legacy of their organization, in perpetuity.
Bradley Daigle University of Virginia Strategic Expert, APTrust @bradleydaigle I am a lover of libraries and archives and like to inhabit the space where new technology meets historical materials. A firm believer in partnerships for success, I am passionate about the need for pervasive preservation. I hope to forge new collaborations and see the exciting new trends in this broad environment.
Carol Acquaviva Marin County Free Library, Anne T. Kent California Room Digital Archivist & Librarian @annetkentroom I’ve been the Digital Archivist and Librarian at the Anne T. Kent California Room for the past 14 years. We are a special collection of Marin County history, and we’re part of the Marin County Free Library. I look forward to learning more about what the IA is doing with digitization of rare materials, and how our library can partner with the IA to undertake some of our larger digitization projects. I’d also like to hear what other libraries, collections and individuals are doing.
Cathleen Martyniak University of California Director, Southern Regional Library Facility I am the Director of the Southern Regional Library Facility, holding 7 million low use library materials deposited over the last 30 years by the 5 southern University of California libraries. Working in collaboration with the Northern Regional Library facility, we hold 14 million total volumes and strive to make them as discoverable and accessible as possible.
Cherie Bush FamilySearch International Manager Cherie Bush is a manager for the Office of the Chief Genealogical Officer for FamilySearch International. FamilySearch preserves and makes available for free billions of genealogical records from around the world.
Chris Edwards Getty Research Institute Head of Digital Services Head of Digital Services, GRI. Interested in learning how to help foster the community as well as help the GRI to grow within it.
David Hansen UNC School of Law Asst Clinical Prof & Faculty Research Librarian @diglibcopyright I primarily research and write about how copyright affects access to library collections online. I have recently written about copyright exceptions for libraries and archives, orphan works, mass digitization, public records laws, and copyright protection of metadata.As a librarian, I care about improving access to library collections, especially improved access that has broad public benefits, such as public access to the law. From this conference, I hope to learn more about the specific legal and risk management challenges libraries and archives face when digitizing.
Deborah Hunt Mechanics’ Institute Library Director @debhunt6 I’m a strategic knowledge professional who has spent most of her career outside of libraries in the DAM/DM/ECM spheres. In 2013, I was lured back to the library world by my current position at the Mechanics’. It’s an amazing place, a literary and cultural hub in the heart of the FIDI; the oldest, but still vibrant, library on the West Coast, the oldest chess club in the U.S. and an amazing events venue. We are an independent library with a growing membership of over 4800, with over half of our new members in the <49 age demographic. We've been written up by the SF Chronicle, Quartz, Sacramento Bee and other pubs. See http://qz.com/592459/the-secret-world-of-membership-libraries/.C heck us out on FB and Twitter @milibrary
Dennis Meldrum FamilySearch International Manager I am the partnership manager for Family History Books, an online collection of over 300,000 digital books. We are looking for other partners who are interested in preserving and sharing family history stories. We are also interested in Orphan Works.
Ellen Belcher John Jay College/CUNY Library Special Collections Librarian @LNBel I am a librarian, archivist and reluctant metadata creator. My job is to be interested in the history of criminal justice, but my research is in Prehistoric Mesopotamian Archaeology.
Eric Kansa Open Context / Alexandria Archive Institute Program Director @ekansa I direct Open Context (http://opencontext.org), a publisher of open data for archaeology and related fields. I’m a White House “Champion of Change” for promoting open access in the sciences.
Erik Mitchell University of California, Berkeley Associate University Librarian @mitcheet Looking forward to meeting and talking with a broad group of people on these issues
Frederick Zarndt Digital Divide Data / IFLA Governing Board Consultant @cowboyMontana Former software developer and CTO. Founder or iArchives. Text digitization expert. IFLA Governing Board member. International library technology consultant. Want updates on what other libraries are doing wrt digitization, digital preservation, and technology.
Geoff Froh Densho Deputy Director I am Geoff Froh, Deputy Director and Chief Technology Officer at Densho, based in Seattle, WA. We are a community-driven digital preservation and online education project focused on the exclusion and incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII. We are a new partner to The Internet Archive, but have long admired its commitment to making information open and accessible as a critical element in building civil society. I am looking forward to learning about the other partners’ digitization strategies and processes, as well as how people are integrating content from IA into external projects.
Geoff Harder University of Alberta Libraries Associate University Librarian @geoffharder Geoff Harder is Associate University Librarian at the University of Alberta Libraries. He directs strategy, and operational planning in support of the library’s digital initiatives. Expected outcomes: Inspiration, big ideas, and next steps for how we can make information of all types, including data, more discoverable, accessible and shareable at a national and international scale. Very interested in learning about new approaches to supporting digital scholarship through the use of digitized and/or archived resources.
Gregory Murray Princeton Theological Seminary Director of Digital Scholarship Services I’m Director of Digital Scholarship Services at Princeton Theological Seminary Library, where we house an Internet Archive scanning center in the building and continuously submit materials. We utilized Internet Archive’s open data and APIs to create a specialized discovery layer called Theological Commons (commons.ptsem.edu). This is my second IA Forum, and I look forward to hearing about what others are doing and the future vision for IA.
Heather Yager California Academy of Sciences Head Librarian @calacadlibrary I’m a library director focused on digitization (we run a Scribe), digital preservation, and library outreach. I’m hoping to hear about new techniques for digitization, advances in personal digital archival, and generally talk with similarly-inclined colleagues.
Heather Christenson HathiTrust Program Officer for Federal Documents & Collection @heatherannc I am responsible for overseeing HathiTrust’s Federal Documents Program which is focused on: building a comprehensive digital collection of U.S. federal publications, improving discovery and access for federal documents, and solving shared problems related to identifying, cataloging, digitizing, organizing, preserving, hosting, and providing access to U.S. federal documents. I also contribute to HathiTrust’s strategy and services for digital collections. I hope to learn what is going on currently at the Internet Archive, and learn about collaborative projects and initiatives other attendees are envisioning or planning.
Heidi Dolamore Berkeley Public Library Director I am the very new (1 month) director of the Berkeley Public Library and I would like to learn something new, meet new people, and discover at least one idea that challenges my assumptions.
Helge Holzmann L3S Research Center Researcher / PhD Candidate @helgeho Helge is a PhD candidate and has worked as a researcher at the L3S Research Center in Hannover, Germany since 2013. His research focus is on the access and analysis of Web archives, which is part of his daily work in the EU project ALEXANDRIA. Helge’s works include longitudinal studies of the Web, novel approaches to search and access Web archives, as well as ArchiveSpark, a tool for easy and efficient Web archive processing and data extraction. ArchiveSpark is open-source and joint work with the Internet Archive.
Jake Orlowitz Wikimedia Foundation Head of the Wikipedia Library @JakeOrlowitz I run The Wikipedia Library at the Wikimedia Foundation. We help our 100k editors do research more efficiently, provide access to paywalled scholarly resources and reference tools, and connect with broader library organization and consortia.
Jessica Ogden University of Southampton PhD Researcher @jessogden I’m a PhD Researcher at the Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Southampton. My PhD is focused on web archival practice itself and how ‘the doing’ of web archives (and the factors that going into this) shapes what is known about the Web. I’m looking forward to networking and meeting with folks involved with web archiving initiatives.
John Chodacki California Digital Library UC3 Director University of California Curation Center (UC3)
John Borghi California Digital Library CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow @johnborghi I am a postdoctoral fellow interested in the preservation of “non-traditional” research products like datasets and software. I’m hoping to learn more about the advances libraries are making in this space.
Karissa McKelvey Dat Dart Thrower @okdistribute Karissa McKelvey is a software developer, writer, inventor, and activist supporting an equitable web. Formerly a research scientist at Indiana University, her work studying online political communication resulted in multiple peer-reviewed papers and press in outlets such as NPR and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to an experienced software and web developer, she has successfully led teams to success with diverse projects throughout her career in academia, non-profits, and industry. In her spare time, she teaches beginning programmers, volunteers her time in social movements, and plays the trumpet.
Kate Wingerson SFPL Program Manager @DigStratSFPL Always looking to learn and connect.
Katya Pereyaslavska Scholars Portal, OCUL Accessibility Librarian @Socialbrarian Katya Pereyaslavska (M.I., M.A.) is the Accessibility Librarian at Scholars Portal which is a service of the Council of Ontario University Libraries hosted by the University of Toronto. Katya has recently held the title of the Visiting Program Officer with the Association of Research Libraries and the day before delivering her firstborn in November 2015 was awarded the 10th Anniversary AODA Championship recognition from the provincial government. Katya’s current work portfolio includes managing projects such as the Accessible Content ePortal (ACE) as well as working on an internal white paper on open educational resources (OER).
Kelly Jensen California Academy of Sciences Digitization Specialist @enthusiosity Kelly Jensen loves to share history, both through her digitization efforts in the library and archives at the California Academy of Sciences, and through her storytelling at Odd Salon and other cocktail & lecture series. She is excited to hear about everyone’s current projects in the digital library world.
Keri Thompson Smithsonian Libraries Digital Projects Librarian @digikeri_sil I manage digitization and the interface for books at Smithsonian Libraries. I’m interested in what others are doing in terms of workflow automation and analyzing material use/user needs.
Kerri Willette Metropolitan NY Library Council Deputy Director @kerriwillette I am the Deputy Director at the New York Metropolitan Library Council (METRO). I manage and coordinate activities of the Empire State Digital Network (ESDN), a statewide service hub for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). I’ve worked with digital collections and content in academic, museum, and consortial settings since 2001. Before joining METRO in 2014, my career included project planning, metadata creation, and digital project work at various institutions in the midwest including DePaul University Libraries, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago Library, and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. I am excited for the opportunity to connect with everyone at the Library Leaders Forum to share ideas and find new ways to partner.
Leonard Augsburger Washington University Project Coordinator I manage the Newman Numismatic Portal project at Washington University in St. Louis (nnp.wustl.edu). We scan numismatic literature at Washington University and at the American Numismatic Society in New York. I am interested in IA APIs, search, multimedia digitization, large format scanning, satellite operations, and how other sites leverage IA as a document store.
Lila Bailey Law Office of Lila Bailey Counsel @LilaBaileyLaw Copyright nerd interested in finding ways to expand digital access to knowledge.
Lily Pregill New York Art Resources Consortium Coordinator and Systems Manager @technelily I’m a library consultant working with the New York Art Resources Consortium, which includes the museum libraries of Brooklyn Museum, The Frick Collection, and The Museum of Modern Art. I hope to come away from the conference with new tools, ideas, and friends. Tools to break down content silos and streamline the reuse of data. Ideas on how to improve labor intensive workflows and better ensure the preservation of the scholarly record. New friends and colleagues to explore ways to collaborate and align projects across the LAM community.
Mary Elings The Bancroft Library Head of Digital Collections @maryelings I exist at the axis of physical and digital, focused on making rare and unique collections accessible online, in many forms, using various methods. I’m interested in making collections broadly available and computationally process-able. Hope to hear more about scaling up digital, sustainability of digital collections, and keeping libraries alive, well, and doing what they do best, collecting and keeping materials that tell the story of human existence.
Max Ogden Dat Project Computer Programmer @denormalize An open source software developer and community organizer passionate about increasing the amount of open data that gets shared and used in science and government
Mel Gooch San Francisco Public Library Librarian III @mel_gooch I oversee the management of the digitization center at SFPL. I’m new to digitization and looking forward to learning from everyone!
Melody Mazuk Princeton Theological Seminary Interim Library Director Global (mostly Majority World) Theological Librarian who has landed in one place for a year, as an Interim Library Director. Best outcome for me would be to learn more how IA can be utilized effectively in Majority World libraries
Merrilee Proffitt OCLC Senior Program Officer @merrileeIam I’ve been involved with creating and supporting communities in academic and research libraries for the last 15 years. Looking forward to being energized and connecting with others around our collective challenges and future together.
Michael Hall FamilySearch International Deputy Chief Genealogical Officer I work with Archives, Libraries, Historic and Genealogical Societies around the world. I hope to continue with the progress that was made last year at this conference.
Michael Neubert Library of Congress Supervisory Digital Projects Specialist @NeubertMichael I am the librarian at the Library of Congress who coordinates digitization of general collections books through the Internet Archive scan center located at the Library of Congress. The Library is interesting in assuring that such digitization is as useful as possible, for example, by avoiding duplication of digitization already performed acceptably elsewhere and available online. By attending the conference I hope to learn some ways of having such positive outcomes and understanding the nuances of how IA’s text program works. Perhaps suggest some improvements.
Michelle Wu Georgetown Law Associate Dean for Library Services & Professor I’m a library director and professor, and I hope to develop some collaborative partnerships to explore the boundaries of copyright in digitization and preservation projects.
Mike Wolfe Authors Alliance Executive Director @mchl_wolfe I advocate for authors who want to share their work widely, and love working with libraries to further that goal.
Neil Sieling Digital Library of the Middle East Lead Researh Analyst/Co-Principal Investigator I’m working with Chuck Henry of CLIR and Peter Herdrich of the Antiquities Coalition on setting up a Digital Library of the Middle East. I work with London-based Nutopia on broadcast series such as How We Got To Now with Steven Johnson and the related https://howwegettonext.com/ website and the forthcoming Civilizations broadcast series updating the iconic Civilization series from the 1970’s.
Nicholas Taylor Stanford University Libraries Web Archiving Service Manager @nullhandle I manage the web archiving program at Stanford University Libraries. As a close partner of Internet Archive and stakeholder in its web archiving activities in particular, I’m interested in learning about their latest advances on this front. As a proponent of community-centric approaches to digital library development, I look forward to meeting a diverse roster of prospective collaborators.
Paul Fogel University of California Manager, Mass Digitization Involved with mass digitization at the California Digital Library since 2006.
Peggy Sue Ewanyshyn University of Alberta Libraries Digitization Librarian My name is Peggy Sue Ewanyshyn and I am the Digitization Librarian in the Digital Initiatives unit of the University of Alberta Libraries, where I coordinate a multitude of digitization projects with various vendors, including Internet Archive. I am interested to learn more about IA center operations; upcoming IA improvements in discovery and access; the current copyright landscape as it relates to the digitization of public domain works; and more.
Peter Brantley UC Davis Library Director Online Strategy @naypinya Interested in the forging of a network-aware global society.
Polina Ilieva UCSF Library Head of Archives & Special Collections I’m the Head of Archives and Special Collections at the University of California, San Francisco Library. I’m responsible for all aspects of planning, collections management, donor relations, and a variety of other programs including digitization and web archiving. Currently I’m also leading the UCSF team digitizing (via IA) state medical journals as part of the NEH funded collaborative project. These journals are being added to the Medical Heritage Library collection on IA. I’m interested to discuss how to integrate digitized archival collections with their finding AIDS and library catalogs. How to facilitate discovery of digitized/born digital materials that are often hidden within the “walls” of institutional digital repositories.
Renata Ewing CDL Digital Projects Coordinator @ewingrr I work for the California Digital Library where I help coordinate digitization projects across UC libraries. I am excited to learn about current and upcoming digitization projects at the Archive and the Archive’s many projects.
Robert Manley Washington University in St. Louis Digital Imaging Specialist, Newman Numismatic Port This is my second year managing Table Top Scribe scanning operations for the Newman Numismatic Portal at Washington University. I enjoyed last year’s Leaders Forum quite a bit and look forward to meeting new people who share similar interests.
Sarah Houghton San Rafael Public Library Library Director @TheLiB I am the Director of the San Rafael Public Library, one of the first library partners in the Open Library project. I am hoping to learn more about what better-resourced libraries are able to do with IA content and tools and integrate that into our services.
Shannon Davis Washington University in St. Louis Digital Library Services Manager @digitalwustl I have been working to develop and manage digital collections for almost 10 years. My current role has a large focus on collaborative projects, like working with IA and DPLA. I hope to learn more about how we can further leverage IA’s great resources for delivering and preserving our digital collections.
Stephen Abrams California Digital Library Associate Director, UC Curation Center I am responsible for strategic planning, innovation, and oversight of UC3’s systems, services, and initiatives.
Steve Marks University of Toronto Libraries Digital Preservation Librarian I’m looking to talk about possible partnerships, new projects, and continue flogging the idea of a viable Internet Archive of Canada.
Stuart Snydman Stanford University Libraries Associate Director for Digital Strategy @StuSnydman I direct SUL’s digital imaging and digital library access program, overseeing development of our various discovery and delivery services. I was thrilled to attend last year when the Internet Archive announced its IIIF service. I am anxious to learn more about new innovations by the Internet Archive community and to continue to encourage adoption of open standards and interoperability frameworks.
Sylvain Belanger Library and Archives Canada Director General Preservation Sylvain Bélanger is Director General, Preservation for Library and Archives Canada. In that role he is responsible for all digital operations for LAC including digitization, satellite capture of AV, digital and AV migration, web archiving, and digital preservation. He is also responsible for the conservation and preservation activities for the whole of LAC’s collections. Prior to taking on those responsibilities Sylvain was Director, Collections, and previously Corporate Secretary and Chief of Staff for LAC. I look forward to hearing from like-minded colleagues on approaches they are taking to addressing the challenge of managing and making accessible large volumes of information.
Thomas Rieger Library of Congress Manager, Digitization Services Section I work for the Technology Policy Directorate of the Library of Congress, managing the Digitization Services Section and coordinating the FADGI Still Digitization Working Group.
Tracy Bergstrom University of Notre Dame Director, Specialized Collection Services I am the director of the Specialized Collection Services Program at the University of Notre Dame Libraries, in which I oversee Rare Books and Special Collections, University Archives, Preservation, and Digital Production. I am here to learn about IA’s future directions and deepen ties between ND and IA.
William Schlaack University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Digital Reformatting Coordinator As the digital reformatting coordinator I oversee UIUC’s mass digitization efforts which includes providing leadership for our on-campus IA scanning center. During this conference I hope to network with other institutions and colleagues as well as contribute to IA’s goals for future institutional cooperation.
Yasmin AlNoamany University of California, Berkeley Postdoctoral scholar Yasmin AlNoamany is a postdoctoral scholar in the University of California, Berkeley. Yasmin received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Old Dominion University. She investigated tools and techniques for integrating “storytelling” social media and Web archiving that leads to a better understanding of historical events and collections. Currently, Yasmin leads research and engages in outreach in the areas of software curation, data science, and digital research methods. She is looking to know more about the current projects and tools and also to explore chances for collaboration.


Alexis Rossi Internet Archive Director of Media & Access @alexisrossi Alexis has been working with the Internet Archive since our first service, the Wayback Machine, was launched in 2001. She currently manages all media and access for archive.org, including audio, movies, books, software, images, and the archive.org web site. Her past Internet Archive projects include Open Library and the Open Content Alliance.
Andrea Mills Internet Archive Digitization Program Manager, Canada @MsAndreaMills I am the Digitization Program Manager for Internet Archive Canada. I hope to help make new and exciting connections between our partners and supporters. Let’s think nationally and globally to build The Library of 2020 together!
Brenton Cheng Internet Archive Senior Engineer @bfalling I work on Open Library and related services here at the Archive. I’m looking to connect with new library friends and learn how Open Library can better serve its partners and users, as well as participate in the global decentralization and interconnection of book data.
Brewster Kahle Internet Archive Founder and Digital Librarian @brewster_kahle A passionate advocate for public Internet access and a successful entrepreneur, Brewster Kahle has spent his career intent on a singular focus: providing Universal Access to All Knowledge. He is the founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive, one of the largest libraries in the world. The Internet Archive, which he founded in 1996, now preserves 25 petabytes of data—the books, Web pages, music, television, and software of our cultural heritage, working with more than 450 library and university partners to create a digital library, accessible to all.
Caitlin Olson Internet Archive Executive Assistant to Brewster Kahle @caitlinolson Caitlin Olson is the executive assistant to Brewster Kahle and an organizer behind the Library Leaders Forum. She’s excited to help Internet Archive foster better relationships with partners and find the best ways to make steps forward in building libraries together. She’s also unclear on whether or not this intro was supposed to be in the third person, but it’s okay because apparently she can edit this later.
Chris Booth Internet Archive UK UK Regional Digitisation Manager I am the Manager of Internet Archive’s UK operations. Hailing from the Euston Regional Scan Center and representing the Natural History Museum Satellite Unit too.
Courtney Mumma Internet Archive Web Archiving Program Manager @lookouthoney I joined the Internet Archive in September of 2015 as Program Manager, with a focus on collaborative partnerships, grants management, community development, research initiatives, new services and sustainable innovation in web archives. I hope to meet some old friends and new partners during Library Leaders.
Davide Semenzin Internet Archive Software Engineer @davidesemenzin Come talk to me about book digitization software, engineering and process management.
Dimitrios Latsis Internet Archive Postdoctoral Fellow/Film Archivist sot237 I am responsible for the Internet Archive’s audiovisual collections and their physical and digital curation. My goals include learning more about partners’ digitization projects and current practice on digital preservation and collection building.
Elizabeth MacLeod Internet Archive Manager of Satellite Digitization Services I support and manage IA-staffed and partner-staffed Satellite Digitization Centers. I have a love for preserving cultural resources, and working with libraries to accomplish their goals. I look forward to learning from leaders, and connecting with remote partners.
Elizabeth Petroff Internet Archive Director of Administration & Human Resources @bzpetroff I am new to the Internet Archive as the Director of Admin & HR. My role is to provide creative solutions to the people operations challenges in the Internet Archive’s future. I am very excited to join and support the team.
Eric Blossom Internet Archive Sr. Engineer: Music & Books I work at the Archive on the music collection, building the system for ingesting 100’s of thousands of CDs
Giovanni Damiola Internet Archive Software Engineer Software Engineer – Internet Archive Books Team
Jackie Jay Internet Archive Processing Archivist I am currently sorting and identifying the books and personal papers of Marion Stokes here at the Archive. I attended this conference last year and I look forward to the presentations and breakout sessions.
Jacques Cressaty Internet Archive Director of Finance Director of Finance at Internet Archive.
Jake Johnson Internet Archive Collections Coordinator Collections Coordinator at the Internet Archive
Jeff Sharpe Internet Archive Senior Digitization Manager, Midwest Region Hi Everyone, I am Jeff Sharpe. I manage the Midwest Regional Digitization Center in Fort Wayne Indiana. I hope to be able to assist anyone with their digitization projects and to make any contacts that would further the Internet Archives stated goal of Universal Access to all Knowledge.
Jeff Kaplan Internet Archive Collections Manager
Jefferson Bailey Internet Archive Director of Web Archiving @jefferson_bail Director, Web Archiving at Internet Archive.
Jessamyn West Internet Archive Open Library Community Librarian @jessamyn I’m the part-time support staff or Open Library here to get feedback on how to make it a more useful resource for the various kinds of people who use it. I’m also a Harvard Law Library Innovation Lab Fellow for 2016-2017 working on issues of inclusion and access.
Jillian Lohndorf Internet Archive Web Archivist Hi, I am a Web Archivist with Archive-It, and excited to talk about continuing technologies and big data research.
Jim Michalko Internet Archive Advisor @mrjpm Former VP for Research Libraries at OCLC now helping The Internet Archive design and promote projects that advance its strategy and make it a valued peer institution in the broad library community. I hope to help tell the IA story during the Forum and listen to the needs and desires of the attendees and their institutions.
John Gonzalez Internet Archive Director of Engineering @jgonzalez159 John is the Director of Engineering and Service Availability at Internet Archive. He holds degrees from MIT and Stanford and has worked in executive capacities at Getty Images, Xerox, and several other technology organizations
Jude Coelho Internet Archive Process Manager Looking forward to talking about books!
Katie Barrett Internet Archive Development Manager Katie Barrett is the Development Manager of the Internet Archive. Katie’s prior work experience includes General Manager at SF MusicTech Summit, Project Specialist at Airbnb, and Membership Manager for The Recording Academy SF Chapter (The GRAMMY’s). Katie is the founder of Pops & Buzzes, an affiliation of accomplished women who work in all aspects of the entertainment, recording and live music industries.
Kelly Ransom Internet Archive Director I’m an Internet Archive Director working on the Books team. I’m interested in hearing from and sharing ideas with our library partners as we continue to collaborate on digitization initiatives across the country and around the world.
Ken Tran Internet Archive Asiapac Manager Manage China and Hong Kong Scan center, TT scribe hardware
Kristy Headley Internet Archive Digitization Manager New Digitization Manager in San Francisco for books, CDs, LPs, 78s, microfilm, and microfiche. Hoping to meet IA’s partners that San Francisco’s digitization operation has relationships with.
Lori Donovan Internet Archive Senior Program Manager, Archive-It I am the Senior Program Manager for Archive-It at the Internet Archive. I am very interested in hearing more about what the Library of 2020 looks like to our partners and discussing how web archiving can help accomplish these goals.
Mark Graham Internet Archive Director @markgrahm I manage the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive.
Mek Karpeles Internet Archive Citizen of the World Citizen of the World; Committed to curating a living map of the world’s knowledge.
Richard Caceres Internet Archive Engineer @rchrd2 I develop the books editor, online book reader, and other projects.
Roger Macdonald Internet Archive Director, TV Archive @r_macdonald I’d like to know more about multi-media digital archives and experiments in data-mining them
Scott Fong Internet Archive Asst Dir of Finance I want to become better acquainted with the Archive’s partners and learn about their challenges and how we might assist them in advancing to our mutual goals.
Shelia DeRoche Internet Archive Digitization Manager Digitization Manager with Internet Archive, managing the Digitization Centers at the Library of Congress and National Agricultural Library. I look forward to discovering exciting new ways to collaborate with our library partners.
Stacy Argondizzo Internet Archive Senior Digitization Manager I hope to connect with library leaders on the future of digitization within their libraries and see what they need to move forward from IA.
Tim Bigelow Internet Archive N.E. Regional Digitization Manager I am Tim Bigelow, the manager of the New England Regional Digitization center located inside the main branch of the Boston Public Library. I look forward to hearing from our partners on how we can continue to strengthen our relationships with our partners and hearing how they’re using our services.
Tom McCarty Internet Archive Software/Mechanical/Electrical Engineer Engineer for the Internet Archive working primarily on book image quality
Vinay Goel Internet Archive Senior Data Engineer @vinaygo As Senior Data Engineer at Internet Archive, I lead IA’s efforts on web search and data mining. I’m looking forward to sharing a number of researcher datasets, tools and workflows and learning how I can help the library community.
Wendy Hanamura Internet Archive Director of Partnerships @whanamura I think of myself as the Internet Archive’s chief storyteller–sharing the vision and strategies of this amazing place through events, writing, speeches, grants, and especially through our collaborative work with others. My background is in mission-driven media–from Link TV to PBS to Time Magazine. But what I do best is help organizations achieve their greatest impact. I hope to find ways to collaborate and amplify our work together.